Posted by: malia | December 29, 2006

Friday5: Friends & Endings

whoops, forgot to do last week’s one.

Friends, Part 2

Which of your friends has the nicest hair?
johnnie, even though she hates her hair. she has long, thick curls. gorgeous! she also chopped it when she had her baby, but she grew it back long. i’m jealous of how much body her hair has!

Which of your friends has the nicest smile?
well i haven’t seen her in a while, but that’d be cole–her smile is just so infectious! it’s a cliche, but she truly does brighten up a room with her smile.

Which of your friends is the best gift-giver?
this would be mel–very thoughtful, puts a lot of time into it, practical. i’m more of a throw-together things but mel really thinks it out and puts a lot of time and energy into the gift. blows me away.

Which of your friends is the most different from you?
we’re all pretty much the same. my one friend from hula who i haven’t seen in years though was very different–loud, talkative, frank. but still, we got along great. but since i moved and haven’t been to hula, i haven’t seen her. i wonder what she’s up to?

Which of your friends is the oddest?
well i think my friends would say it was me! hmmm. i don’t really know. mel and i joke with each other that the other one is weird, so maybe mel? 😛


What film did you think had the most annoying, maddening, preposterous, disappointing, or idiotic ending?
i admit i hate most of the romantic movies’ happy endings because real life is just not like that. but i can’t think of any specific ones.

What is the most recent example in your life of something coming to an unexpected (or unwelcome) end and then turning into an even better beginning?
nothing recent…a few years ago, i hit a low point careerwise. i really wanted to quit, and in fact, it still to this day makes me question why i still do it. but it was really bad, to the point where my health started to decline from the stress and coworkers were being harassed because of me. but i had to use that year as a learning opportunity. the next school year was a brand new thing, and i remembered the pain from the year before and actively tried to start off better, building relationships which i had abandoned before. i still tremble with fear whenever i’m approached by a parent, because i still expect the worse. i’ve been lucky though that it hasn’t been as bad as that one year.

How do you feel about your rear end? (alternate question for those who think this is just far too inappropriate: How do you usually spend your sitting-around-on-your-rear-end days?)
i don’t have one! 😦 i wish it were round but alas, the world is a bit flat there.

Some people read the endings of books before they invest time, energy, and emotion into the rest of them. What are your thoughts about this practice?
😀 what’s wrong with that?! 😀

How would you like to end each day, and how do you actually end each day?
i would love to end the day feeling content, no worries about how the day went and how tomorrow will be, snug and secure …in someone’s arms, but not always… that’s how i would like to end each day. instead, it’s the opposite: i always feel like i’m not doing what i’m supposed to be doing; i worry about what happened during the day, and what i need to do for tomorrow; i’m constantly planning, constantly reminding myself what needs to be done; and i’m about as secure as you can get hugging a pillow! 😛

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