Posted by: malia | December 20, 2006

question of the day

from here.

Would you rather

Would you rather be a contestant on The Amazing Race, Survivor, American Idol, Dancing With the Stars, or Big Brother?

i would love to be on the amazing race. but i would be a bad racer because i wouldn’t be thinking “raaaaaaace” (tm twop). i’d be looking around and soaking everything in. i’d love to be on it just to be able to travel to all the different locations and experience the culture and language of people there. but if it were filmed, i would not say a word. the way they edit things you say to follow things that it didn’t necessarily follow makes you look bad. of course, not saying a word could make you look bad, too 😉 but at least they won’t have a soundbite that they replay over and over to prove their point that you’re racist/sexist/dumb. and i’d also hate for it to be a race because i’d be the first eliminated and i wouldn’t get to participate in the rest of the game! bummer. that’s the only thing i hate about these types of shows…you have to leave! or someone does, at least. junk.

but you know, i think i’d also like dancing with the stars. i’d love to learn all those different dances, then get all dolled up in those dresses and have my hair and face all made up, and then presenting the dance. but again, not to get judged on where you need to be liked by the audience to be able to go on. if you’re voted off, that’s it! you can’t learn any more 😦 i would like to get judged just to know what they liked/what i need to work on, and then be able to continue on so that i can improve. not worry that i might be kicked off and then i can’t put the judges’ criticisms to use and i can’t learn any more new dances! but yeah, i guess it’s some sort of girly dream to be dressed in an elegant dress and go sweeping across the floor, looking all graceful and beautiful. ahh. one can dream.


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